Trumping The Opposition

By Invive Production 16 Nov 2016

It says something when one of the most prestigious positions in the world can be won because of a good marketing campaign. Lets not jump on the band wagon to bash Trump, his views and his policies. Donald Trump is a genius. (Well a marketing genius at any rate).

Trump relied on just two strategies, one was mass rallies,  the other was online real-time Twitter feeds. Twitter provided free publicity with the aim of generating provocative messages. It has been said this campaign ended up generating $5 billion in free media. All of his strategies were tightly integrated and shows marketers the power of creating a brand and delivering a real campaign.

Historically presidential hopefuls have relied on outbound campaigns and have spent heavily on advertising, TV, radio, billboards, lead purchasing, emails etc.  Trump relied on an unproven methodology. He used the tools designed for the digital age.

Creating a marketing message or slogan was also the key to his success. Hillary relied on a boring “Stronger Together” slogan whilst Trump created a powerful brand, using a memorable message “Make America Great Again” and an online hashtag #MAGA.

Whether the message was lost or won or whether it was outbound versus inbound or whether people simply liked Trump over Clinton, it is clear that the Trump campaign team knew their customers, what they wanted, what they care about, what will make them act and how to speak to them. Isn’t this what marketing is actually all about?